Freedom Song, 2016

Wade in the Water
Wade in the water children
Wade – cos something’s gonna happen now

(Negro spiritual/Blues) (Sung)

A linnet in a gilded cage
A linnet on a bough
In frosty winter one might doubt which bird is luckier now

But let the trees burst out in leaf
And nests be on the bough
Which linnet is the luckier bird
Oh who could doubt it now

(Christina Rossetti) (sung and spoken)

And what of this idea – this idea of luck and freedom

Is it true?
The History of the world is none other than the progress of the consciousness of freedom
(Georg Hegel)

So Hegel says, that “the master” is in the possession of the overabundance of physical necessities generally, and the other (the slave) is in the lack thereof.

Buck Mors says that at first consideration the masters is ‘independent’ and it’s nature to be for itself –whereas ‘the other’ (the slaves position) is dependent and its essence is life or existence for another. The slave is characterised by the lack of recognition he receives. He is viewed as a ‘thing’ and ‘thinghood’ is the essence of the slave consciousness.

(Susan Buck Morss) _______________________________________________________________________

But what about resistance?

And what about damage?

We can watch it trickle
down the spine of time
where has it pooled In our heads
In our families
In our histories Nation

How do cut – short – stop – it?
How do we see – hear – feel – know it?

How does the life of the slave replicate – reactivate in the mind

How does everything around us allow this to be protected, underpinned
Tenacity of steel
Rigidity of aluminium tube

A young male student rapes a young woman
She is drunk – her irresponsibility is her fault – cause and effect
She is unconscious – he rapes her while she is unconscious
He gets three months because he can’t sleep at night and for him alcohol is the excuse not his reason for blame