Amanda Wilkinson Gallery

  1. Presenting

    Heman Chong

    Everything (Wikipedia)

  2. Acquistion Document

  3. Location

    Amanda Wilkinson | 18 Brewer Street, W1F 0SH (Entrance: black door on Green's Court)

  4. Info

    Durational Performance - Feel free to drop in

  5. Times

    Friday 9th July — 11am

    Friday 9th July — 2

    Saturday 10th July — 11am

Everything (Wikipedia) is a performance involving a single individual reciting content from a series of random articles from the online encyclopaedia, Wikipedia. This is facilitated via an electronic mobile device capable of accessing the servers of Wikipedia in real time. Accessing Wikipedia in real time is crucial to the performance as the content is constantly evolving. Beginning with the article of the day on Wikipedia, the reader reads that article, without any emotion, and moves onto the next article, which is a link that he or she can choose from within this page. He/she/they would repeat this action, over and over, until the pre-defined hours of the performance has ended. This is a futile attempt to vocalise a representation of the entirety of human knowledge. The hyperlinks across a multitude of entries written by the everyday person eventually spirals into the depths of irrelevance from the original daily suggested article.

Amanda Wilkinson opened her gallery in November 2017, having been a partner in Wilkinson Gallery, and brought with her the artists that she had worked with since 2003. Most of these internationally renowned artists had their first solo UK exhibition at the gallery: Joan Jonas and Shimabuku in 2004, Sung Hwan Kim in 2007, Jimmy DeSana in 2009, and Laurie Simmons in 2011. The program has also introduced younger artists such as Heman Chong, Phoebe Unwin, Dorota Gawęda and Eglė Kulbokaitė all of whom have solo exhibitions in public institutions this year. Amanda Wilkinson is a trustee of the Derek Jarman Estate and is the sole gallery who represents the work. The program continues to highlight key historical artists who are little known to the wider art world, including Paolo Gioli, Ketty La Rocca and Margaret Raspé and will introduce new artists to the program in 2020 in keeping with the gallery’s experimental and cross-generational approach. The gallery has presented four Feature booths at ArtBasel in the past , featuring six artists from the program. Eight out of the twelve artists represented by the gallery have solo museum exhibitions in 2019/2020.