1. Presenting

    Sadie Murdoch and Abbas Zahedi

    A Case of Med(dling)tation

  2. Acquistion Document

  3. Location

    Belmacz | 45 Davies Street, W1K 4LX

  4. Info

    Outdoor performance - no booking required (30 min performance)

  5. Times

    Saturday 10th July — 4.30pm

Taking as their starting point James Joyce’s rather performative use of language, Murdoch, Zahedi and Upson’s collaborative piece unbounds ideas pertinent to Belmacz’s current exhibition, I dialogue, Kinch. Through sound, script, and minimal gesture, this performed ‘guided medi-ation’ riffs off the commercialisation of affect and practices of surveillance innate to modern forms of ‘escape’ - be these fantastical or holistic - to explore notions of mediated (dis)connection.

Founded in 2000 by Julia Muggenburg, Belmacz began as a space to exhibit her sculptural jewels and parasiting art projects. Through its annual programme of solo exhibitions and thematic group shows, Belmacz has since evolved into a gallery for both emerging and established artists.